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I think soup is probably one of my most

Autumn Root Soup

Feeds 4




1 leek

1 red onion

1 celeriac 

1 carrot

2 sticks of celery

2 tbs organic vegetable stock

1 tbs fennel seeds

4 cloves garlic crushed

1 tin chopped tomatoes

1 tin butter beans


Large handful of greens (I used kale)

Large handful chopped parsley

Remove all the skins on the vegetable (except the carrots which if they are organic just give them a wash) and finely slice into small chunks. Heat 2 tbs coconut oil in a large heavy bottom pan and add the fennel seeds for a few minutes until flavour is released.


Add all the chopped vegetables, give it a good stir and cook for 10 minutes until soft, then add garlic and leave for another few minutes. Add stock powder and give it all a good stir along with a tin of chopped tomatoes and butter beans juice and all. Cover the mix with boiled water, feel free to add more liquid if you like a looser soup, I like mine thick. Add a good few pinches of black pepper and leave to simmer for 10 minutes. 


Once veg are cooked through but not falling apart remove from heat and add torn pieces of kale and chopped parsley. Give it a good stir and the kale will wilt, serve and enjoy!


Make sure you hit save as this is so tasty and you can add whatever vegetables you have in the fridge, a great way to use up left overs.

'Soup is so easy to make, super filling and is a great way to get lots of goodness into you' 

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