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All about Nicola

The Kleen Kitchen was established in 2017 by Nicola Morek.

Food has always been a big passion for Nicola. Growing up seeing her Belgian Grandmother put so much love into every meal she prepared, was a huge inspiration.


Family life then, and now, involves a real emphasis on sharing meals with your loved ones and being taught to really enjoy what you are eating in a mindful way. As a Mum of three boys with very different tastes, keeping things fresh and fun for all the family is a speciality of hers.


In 2015 Nicola really started thinking about, and questioning, the food choices she was making. After gradually changing her diet over the last few years The Kleen Kitchen was set up with the aim of sharing quality food, with an emphasis on organic, local and seasonal ingredients.

The Kleen Kitchen's philosophy is to feed your body with most wholesome, freshly made, colourful and nourishing food possible. 

Pop Up Catering
Raw wedding cake

Local brands proudly used to source ingredients

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